Friday, January 28, 2011

 (Disclaimer:  NeoHippies are not necessarily from any specific time-period (aka the late 1960's).  And, most persons from this generation did not become totalitarian or bad.  This dangerous viewpoint only pertains to some Hippies.  And, within the following 2 decades, most of these tyrants controlling the media were not Hippies. However, blame is given primarily because: --this dangerous (& Communistic) philosophy derives its lineage from the hippie generation.   Extremist ideas (Marxism, Fascism, etc.) had certainly been proposed by earlier generations , but, it was given acceptance by (none other than) the so-called Hippies.  And, this is why blame is placed upon them. Hopefully, you understand why their generation is fully responsible for the current problems we are facing.)
Simple Motto: "The Hippies are behind all oppression that's taking place in this country;  as well as Europe".   It's that simple.  And, most people dislike this conclusion.  After all, the Hippies are portrayed as Legends.  Nothing negative is ever spoken about them.  And since, they've been revered and adored by everyone.  But, this is all Hollywood myth.
 Also remember that NeoStatists take control over every aspect of our lives.  This is not merely socialism. Nor does it pertain to any specific issue.  This particular article was written regarding Massive immigration into European Countries.   And, in this particular case, the Hippy-Marxists are guilty of promoting this activity.   It sounds utterly absurd to blame the Militant Hippies for this.  That is; until you perform a detailed personality analysis.     

This article will attempt to identify the type of people we're up against.

1- The Neo-Hippies see themselves as an enlightened group. Yet, beneath it all; this merely implies superiority to all others.

2- They're fiercely political, even during the least likely circumstances. Simple conversations quickly get ugly.

3- The Neo-Hippies believe that nobody is capable of making our own decisions. Which, by default entitles them to become your mentor.

4- They've very self-righteous. And, it becomes their duty to reach large audiences. Yet, they consider this a service to others.

5- The NeoFascists step outside their reach ...where they don't belong. IT's totally uncalled for; and wholly inappropriate. For example: They'll use

6- As a result, families can no longer relax in front of the Television. For example: The News media

They believe in dissonance, even though no one is vocal.

    Hippie philosophy allows them to be invasive   It doesn't matter how many lectures they've already given.  They've already done this, countless times before. But, they never quit; and,  they're never satisfied.

The Neo-Hippies don't even realize that they're closely related to Fascists than Libertarians.

But, it's impossible to explain

Strange as it may sound, 'Progressives' regard themselves as a modern day Master Race.
Richard Rubenstein  reasons to kill: Why americans choose war.